Restoration and Service Agreement

Thank you for choosing Smitty’s Classics for the restoration of your collectible automobile. It is our desire that the process of restoring your car will be an enjoyable and satisfying one.

In order to provide guidance for the process of restoring automobiles for our customers, the following policies and guidelines have been developed to minimize ambiguities during the restoration of your car.

1) We cannot estimate the cost of your restoration because we do not know what we do not know about your car. The average compete restoration project cost is approximately $132,000 (One hundred thirty-two thousand dollars). Your cost will vary based on your specific project needs and personal preferences.

2) Because of the comprehensive nature of the restoration process, specific estimates, or “bids” of the total cost of a restoration project cannot be given at any time. It is most important that this be understood and accepted. If you would like us to ballpark what we think the restoration will entail, we would be happy to do that, but in no way will that figure affect the total price of your restoration.

3) Restoration charges apply to “time and materials.” Quality, comprehensive restorations of collectible automobiles takes time, and will be expensive. Time spent on projects is documented by a time clock. A list of parts and paint materials used within the billing cycle is included on the invoice.

4) All parts for restoration projects are paid in advance. Invoices for labor and any additional parts will be generated twice per month, usually around the 5th and 20th. or the business day preceding those days. We rely on your timely payment to pay our employees. Balances will be due upon receipt.

5) We will not perform work that we determine in our own opinion to be unsafe. We will not perform work that we determine in our own opinion does not meet our quality standards.

6) You can request extra labor for your restoration, which impacts how quickly a job is completed and how often we will require additional deposits. For example: if we assign four employees dedicated to your restoration, your labor charges will be approximately 160 hours per week or $16,000. If you have a time-to-completion and/or monthly spend preference; we can collaborate with you to help achieve those goals.

7) “Labor” charges mean we were allocating a shop resource to your project. Labor includes the cost of time for: working on your car, sourcing parts, research, custom fabrication, custom fitting parts that may be considered “bolt on,” adjustments, consulting, and fine tuning.

8) It is understood that most cars have years of prior custom work that will require custom fabrication or research. We may not be able to initially identify items that are not compatible with the restoration plan or parts selected. If we identify an item that we believe will significantly increase cost or alters the restoration plan, we will collaborate with you to create any modifications to the restoration plan.

9) In the event of a balance due on your account, we will wait to perform additional work until such time as the outstanding balance is paid and we have received a new deposit to be applied to future work.

10) In the event you request a “hold” on work, a $250.00 per month storage fee will be assessed until a new deposit is received.

11) If the car is completed and left at the shop, after 2 weeks a charge of $35/day will be assessed to store the vehicle in a protected environment.

12) Invoices will include generically listed items such as body filler, putty, guide coat, cleaning solvents, rags, HazMat costs, etc. These items are impossible to quantify but are clearly related to the cost of restoration.

13) All parts, materials, and sublet work will be marked up a flat rate of 20% to cover administrative costs. Shipping charges will be charged at cost.

14) We do not insure your vehicle. Auto insurance including insurance to cover theft and damage, is the vehicle owner’s responsibility, including any insurance required while your vehicle is in possession of Smitty’s Classics, regardless of where it is stored.

15) Payment in full is due upon completion of work. The customer may at any time remove the vehicle upon payment of all outstanding invoices. Project vehicles are to remain on premises until account balance is paid in full.

I have read the forgoing terms and conditions for Smitty’s Classics, and I agree to be bound by them. I further represent that I have the power to enter into this agreement.